Meet the PentaCon 2020 Staff

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Allison Farr participated as Event Coordinator and founding committee member for the first fantastic PENTACON in 2016. She continued as Event Coordinator in last year’s second PENTACON and is currently serving as the president for PENTACON2020. #WhoRunsTheWorld #Allie


Allie hails from just north of Atlanta in Marietta, Georgia, home to the Big Chicken (look it up!) and all four Designing Women (seriously, you’re, like, 12 and know nothing of the miracle of Designing Women. LOOK IT UP.) She’s also a very early fan of PTX, having cheered for them and watched them win The Sing-Off – on the phone, with one of her very best friends, for every episode. As you do.


Her day job is bangin’ amazing hair and managing a hair salon less than one American mile from her home. Because Atlanta traffic is for suckers.

She’s very excited to serve as your 2020 president and looks forward to all the fun you’ll have together for the third con. Warm up your singing voice, put on your Zumba shoes, and brush up on your trivia. We’re coming to play!

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Allison Farr


A singer, writer, and musician, she is a graduate of the University of Tulsa with a degree in marketing, and now works for a web development and advertising firm. She spends her free time singing at her church and with local choirs, and loves to chase her beautiful six-year-old daughter. 

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Karen Pickens


Heather Schandorff is thrilled to be returning as fund-raising coordinator for PENTACON2020.  Heather is a true northerner and  lives in Southeast MN. She thinks you should all come visit. In January. Mountains of snow and balmy temps of -30. She dares ya! Heather loves merch and has quite the collection of PentaCon shirts, mugs, and hats. As the merch queen she really wants a crown. When she is not traveling to see PTX and other amazing artists (yay for the flappy bird!) she can be found working in the legal department at "that" clinic in Rochester, MN. Y'all know the one.  

She’s super excited about all the stuff and things that are planned so please give us the green stuff / buy our merch/ sponsor us. #Ain'tTooProud

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Fundraising Coordinator

Heather Schandorff

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Jen is a Los Angeles native, spending her days working at a hotel, running her home business and spending time with her family. She is a mom of five and it was with those five that she discovered Pentatonix, as they tuned into The Sing-Off every week. From that time her and her youngest daughter and fellow Pentaholic, Rebecca, have been following their every move. Initially, love them on their own, never even knowing there was a fandom. Discovering the fandom about 4 and half years ago took their love affair with PTX to another level!!!


Jen has 11 shows under her belt and has been able to meet all the members 3 times, excluding Matt. Jen is thrilled to be the Locations Coordinator for PentaCon2020. PentaCon is one of her favorite things. Spending time with hundreds of people who love these choir nerds, as much as she does, is something all Pentaholics should experience.

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Location Coordinator

Jen Southern

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Rita is honored to be part of the committee for PentaCon 2020. As a homeschool mom, she has lots of experience organizing groups. She is excited to be given the opportunity to help PTX fans get involved in this amazing event. 


Many years ago, Rita was introduced to Pentatonix by her son, Christian (the social media coordinator). At that time, she had no idea what was in store for them. Their shared love of the music has provided friendships in an amazing fandom, countless concerts, CD signings, sound checks, meet and greets, travel, and amazing social media connections. Rita loves following the careers of the five incredible humans of PTX and has enjoyed meeting their parents. Her heart will always belong to Avi and she is enjoying watching him blossom into a solo artist.


Rita and Christian have attended both PentaCon events and know that 2020 will be a year to remember. Rita will be looking for volunteers to help with this incredible event and will provide information as it becomes available. She looks forward to connecting with all of you along the way!


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Volunteer Coordinator

Rita DeMichiel


Melissa spent several years on the world’s stages, as an operatic soprano. She studied at Westminster Choir College, achieving a Bachelors of Music Education. While there, she had the honor of singing in some of the finest choirs, under the baton of such conductors as Wolfgang Sawallisch, Zdeněk Mácal, Kurt Masur, and Claudio Abbado.


While she no longer sings for her supper, her love of good choir music persists, hence her love of Pentatonix. She can be found singing within her community and the greater NY/NJ area. She now works for a global IT organization and manages a team of process improvement professionals. She lives in New Jersey with her husband Jeffrey, and Penta-pooch Annie. Not a stranger to travel, Melissa has voyaged to several concerts in the US and Europe, making lifetime Pentaholic friends along the way.


Missa Thornton

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The only committee member who resides out of the US, Kim hails all the way from the sunny island of Singapore. As fate would have it, she caught Pentatonix on The Sing-Off one late night on TV back home, fell in love with the choir nerds, and has never looked back since. She has been to twenty one shows so far across US, Europe and Asia, and had the honor of meeting all the band members. The band had helped her through some tough times in life, which she’ll always be thankful for. She loves the way the band brings people together with their music and love for life, and is real proud to be a part of PentaCon, which aims to do the same, to just celebrate music, friendships, humanity and life. This is the third time Kim is taking on the responsibilities of Secretary of PentaCon. She’ll never forget how amazing the past two events were, and cannot wait to help create even more beautiful memories this time. PentaCon2020 is gonna be such a blast!

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Kim Suchin Ng

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Catie attended Furman University to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. She lives in South Carolina where she has been teaching 3rd and 4th grade for 7 years.  In her free time, she loves going on walks downtown with her yellow lab, throwing themed parties for her friends (or their dogs), and doing a service project with the Junior League chapter in her town.  Catie has been a huge pentaholic since 2015.  Although she was late to the scene, after hearing her first cover, she was hooked! Five years later, she’s more obsessed than ever. She enjoys meeting friends at concerts, getting hugs, and pretending that the NA NA NA trio kick doesn’t exist.  Her wish for PentaCon this year is for everyone to experience the joy of being surrounded by other Pentaholics who truly understand the happiness, fulfillment, and fun that Pentatonix has brought in to our lives.

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Event Coordinator

Catie Hancock

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Christian will never forget the first time he went to see Pentatonix in concert. If you had told him a year prior that he was about to see his favorite group perform mere feet away with his best friends that he met online standing by his side, he would have laughed. Now, with six concerts, one beanbag performance, two PentaCon events, and hundreds of friends made online, that experience is exactly what he loves.

For Christian, it all started when he was scrolling through YouTube and happened to click on a video titled “Daft Punk Medley”. After just one listen, he was hooked. It only took a few months before he joined Twitter and created @ptx_taco to meet other people that liked the same group as him. It’s been almost four years and he has yet to find such a loving, accepting, talented, and sweet online community.

Christian is passionate about supporting the PTX fandom and truly wants to help others make online connections so that they too can feel part of this incredible group. Keep an eye on your social media feeds! As Social Media Coordinator, Christian will be doing his best to keep everyone informed and excited for PentaCon 2020!

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Social Media Coordinator

Christian DeMichiel